Financial Services

Financial Services

Currently we have investments in S&P index trading,  investments in private debt and equity and own several operating companies. We have offices in Farmington Hills, Michigan, New York, New York, Chicago, Illinois, and Singapore. We are looking for niche opportunities which are accompanied by talented people with deep knowledge. Compensation / partnership structure is flexible.

These may be opportunities that large institutions are constrained from executing or opportunities that may not fit any preconceived corporate direction. Also institutions tend to move slowly (scheduled meetings) and have many more rules (a lot of these are not rational).

We operate out of Farmington Hills, Michigan and will provide New York City office space (Class A space above Grand Central Station). We provide capital, regulatory, legal, IT, etc.

For more information, call or email
Chris Fowler
(248) 826-4306

Broadcast and Media

Media and Broadcast

We own broadcast spectrum in dozens of markets and have launched 24 hour news and sports networks (NEWSnet  and Sports News Highlights) which will be available over-the-air in over 40% of US households by the end of the year. The same broadcasts seen over-the-air are also available on streaming platforms nationwide.

We are looking for additional media properties to add to these networks. It could be content, spectrum, data, technology or something we have not yet considered